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Spider Man- Homecoming

Not to be missed film versions of Spider-Man (only in the last 15 years we have seen 5 films with Spider-Man 2 with 2 different characters and different directors), but lacked the final one. After the excitement for the Raimi trilogy, which benefited from being the first modern superhero film, and the controversy surrounding the revised and corrected by Drew Goddard, is now the Marvel to take the reins, promising a different tune. The character was in fact locked in concession to Sony, which is why the film studio which belongs to the house of comics (which in turn is headed by Disney) could not use one of his creatures, at least until the handover whose first consequence was the cameo in Captain America: Civil War. That participation was in effect the announcement of the new version of Spider-Man, inevitably the “official” because it attributable to the parent. Even leaving aside the question of production and business from the first trailer of the movie the impression was the same for all: what is the real Spider-Man. At that point the resulting formalization of the arrival of a dedicated him film for 2017 was only normal administration. By contrast, Sony also is making a films about Spider but hardly the two can be confused. The house that produced the previous five iterations it has focused on animation and the two most interesting authors and nonconformists among the cartons of directors, namely Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street).
Spider-Man Homecoming, already prophetic in the title, will be inspired by the films of John Hughes, that will be a high-school movie, including girls, bullies, nerds and issues to teenagers, as indeed were the comics originally and in their best years . It will be a film that takes all of Spider Man’s chest but it seems he does not want to do an origin story, do not want to tell (for the third time!) The already recounted, instead moving “in the wake of Batman Begins” as said Kevin Feige , the hand that manages and weaves everything in Marvel. It means that we will probably see a Peter Parker already with the powers, and that we will not necessarily thrown into the vortex of the usual questions that open the story of the character. It is already known that there will be no ritual Uncle Ben’s death, which is the time when conventionally a boy who has just acquired the powers understand that with great power comes great responsibility and that ran masked decides to go to the service of justice, of fact becoming Spider-Man, the hero.
Homecoming will above all school matters and to make it greatly lowers the age of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland. Will take 15 years, still will not be a photographer but we can guess that, if it is really followed the furrow of Batman Begins, the character will come to all of this at the end of its cycle, we will see that an origin story far more than a movie. As seen in Captain America also Aunt May was very rejuvenated and headed by Marisa Tomei, and will make a heavy enough occurrence Robert Downey jr., That is Iron Man, which in this version for the cinema is a mentor to Spidey, a brake to its exuberance and perhaps a figure of inspiration. The bad ones chosen are still unopened, the cinema has never even touched them. It is the Shocker and Vulture, which will be played by Michael Keaton. It creates a short circuit not just with Birdman, about which everyone is trying hard to ignore it. But the real mystery is another. It is known that in the film there is Zendaya, a singer and actress leaving the the TV series forge Disney Channel. Although it seemed clear that she would be Mary Jane (historical love of the character) it has announced that it is not, that just is not Mary Jane, and that the character of Zendaya is not got nothing to do with the sentimental part.

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